Shels Opportunity Network

Shelbourne FC Men’s team huddling on a football pitch in red home jerseys

Shelbourne FC is pleased to announce the establishment of the Shelbourne Opportunity Network.

The Shelbourne Opportunity Network comprises a group of senior people from a broad range of industries and professions, each of whom has extensive knowledge and experience in his or her field. Each member has agreed to make him or herself available to Shelbourne players of all ages from the age of 15 upward (and where appropriate their parents or guardians) with a view to advising on career planning and career opportunities.

The establishment of the Shelbourne Opportunity Network is part of Shelbourne’s ethos of seeking to help the clubs players reach their potential, both as footballers and as individuals.

The Network members have each agreed to give the benefit of their time, experience and where appropriate, network of contacts free of charge. As the Network members have busy schedules and other commitments, there is a limit to the amount of time each can and will spend in any one period. Any player or parent/guardian who would like to meet and discuss career plans or planning with a Network member should make contact with David O Connor, strictly confidential.